Computer Security for business and public institutions

Cybersecurity, The PDI and Carabineros de Chile are favored by a new project to guarantee their development this 2020. The MISP (Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública or Ministry of Interior and Public Security) has planned a US$96 million investement for the Programa de Fortalecimiento de la Gestión Estratégica y la Seguridad Pública (Strategic Management and Public Security Strengthening Program).

The entities in charge of making the project possible will be the IADB (Inter-American Development Bank) and the chilean State; each contributing in equal parts the established budget.

The first said entity (IADB) has already approved 50% of the total investment (US$48 million).

Cybersecurity and citizen well-being: the IADB plan

In the original document published by IADB point out the need to reinforce protection for Young people, who are the main victims of violence in the country. Also, it emphasizes the need to reinforce cybersecurity to reduce social network and general network crimes.

The fundamental goal, besides citizen protection, is the increase of State security institution’s credibility; as for the increase of reliability in them.

Among the main detected problems there are insufficiency of preventive actions taken by local governments and a lack of precise location in districts with the higher criminalization rate.

So, the main focus of the plan is contributing to reduce both violent robbery and computing sabotage in the chilean nation.

Strategic Management and Public Security Strengthening Program in numbers

Cyberspace protection plays a leading role inside the plan, to the point that almost half of the budget is exclusively destined to this program.

It stipulates the creation of new tools and capabilities to the monitoring sector, planning and also accountability.

Also, it will support the development of all cybersecurity legislative framework, to improve its management in the most critical public sectors, besides strengthening and creating a functional infrastructure in them.

Another US$41 million with support Carabineros and PDI, improving technologies, both hardware and software, for emergency calls and evaluation systems.

It is also pretended to reinforce inspection and accountability mechanisms.

The rest of the budget will be destined to critical zones in the country, where officials will be responsible for guaranteeing the optimal performance of the new infrastructure.