Companies increase cybersecurity investment in Chile

Noticias | Empresas aumentan inversión de ciberseguridad en Chile

Cybersecurity Companies in Chile Companies increase cybersecurity investment in Chile Computer security is increasing every day in chilean companies due to dangers they are facing from constant cyberattacks that put their infrastructure and computer security at risk. In 2018, different companies in Chile invested a total of 156 million dollars in cybersecurity, which implies a […]

Most Common Threats in Computer Systems

Noticias | Amenazas más comunes en los Sistemas Informáticos

Most Common Threats in Computer Systems Nowadays, cyberattacks are gaining momentum in this technological society that is increasingly interested in technology. Although there are countless threats, in this article we will analyze 3 of the most common that exist in Computer Security. Cyberterrorism: This is one of the cyberattacks that has the greatest relevance in […]

Antivirus for Business

La Ciberseguridad debe ser prioridad en una Empresas

The best Antivirus for companies Since Computer Viruses exist, companies have found it difficult to lead a calmer technological life, since they are prone to suffer any threat that damages their Computer Security. This problem is becoming more common in the world market every day, which has led many small, medium and large companies to […]

Errors that companies make in terms of Computer Security


Errors that companies make in terms of Computer Security Many companies choose to cover their internal needs, but they forget that computer security is an essential issue and that it must also be treated as a necessity, so that it does not suffer from any vulnerability that a cybercriminal may execute. In this article we […]

What is Phishing?

¿Qué es el Phishing?

What is Phishing? Have you ever been bitten by phishing? Phishing is a very common method used by cybercriminals to kidnap and mislead confidential information. In general, victims tend to fall for this type of illegal act, giving the cybercriminal information related to their bank account, be it: passwords, credit card numbers or personal banking […]

Malware camouflages itself in the Coronavirus

Malware se camufla en el Coronavirus

They discover a Malware that hides in the Coronavirus Given the growing concern of many countries to adopt preventive measures in the case of the coronavirus that has worried a hundred governments, cybercriminals take advantage of this situation to spread preventive messages through the internet with malicious malware. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared […]

5 almost imperceptible signs that you will be attacked by a ransomware

5 señales casi imperceptibles de que serás atacado por un ransomware

What to do if a Ransomware attacks me How to know that Ransomware has infected me Studies carried out on different victims of ransomware show that there are several signals that are repeated when looking through the telemetry records corresponding to previous weeks. A meticulous analysis of the behavior of the system in the days […]

Computing Security for business and public institutions

Seguridad informática para instituciones públicas y empresas

Informatic Security for business and public institutions   Computing Security Agency for business in Chile Each day, cybersecurity threats are increasing, which is why computing security is an important issue that we should address in this technological-changing times. For many companies adapting these changes usually brings more productivity, giving quicker and more efficient solutions when […]

Watch out for ultrasounds in your mobile

Watch out for ultrasounds in your mobile No matter how absurd it may seem, it’s a fact that ultrasounds are currently used to attack our mobiles and make them vulnerable without our knowlegde. Recently, a report was publishedin which indicates that, security in our mobiles will be harmed by these ultrasonic attacks which are out […]