While we are fighting to contain the spread of coronavirus in many countries, its impact is still expanding quickly around the globe, reaching even the most remote places. Most of this countires are closing their borders and imposing lockdowns as their preventive measures in many cities or states; on the other hand, companies are reducing their operations, causing an imbalance in the laboral sector and increasing the unemployment rates all over the world.

Until a few days ago, specifically mid-april of 2020, we saw how the oil industry reached its most critical point in its history, having a negative barrel quote, caused of course by the pandemic world crisis, which paralyzed many big activities of the world economy.

The fight against the coronavirus continues to having its impact in many markets, for example, internet is the perfect opportunity for many hackers to open illegal business, because internet has become a means where people tends to take refuge and distract from the current situation we are living.

The most remarkable thing about these hackers is to see how they promote and make “special offers” of their “products”. We’re talking about malicious malware that deceive you with discount codes about products of “COVID-19”.

In this situation, don’t trust in any website that offers discounts or sales, no matter how authentic they are. To avoid being an online scam victim, our recommendations to prevent an unsafe behavior are:

  • Be careful with e-mails and files received from unknown senders, specially if they offer sales or special discounts.
  • Do not open any unknown attached file nor any link in the e-mail.
  • Make sure to order products from an authentic source. One way to do it is to NOT open promotional links in the e-mails.

On the other hand, the WHO is following very close the spreading evolution reviewing the graphs based on the latest records, that is currently in; 2.8 million infected and 194.456 deceased, with the USA concentrating most of the infected and deaths.

Different researches show that in many countries the curve is flattening, while on others the situation is getting worse, like the african continent, where we watch the numbers of infected rising.

We can avoid it if we apply detection test son time, so that we may reduce the infection and stop spreading de disease.

Health authorities are asking to be on alert and take care of our health, by giving the following advices:

  • Avoid contact with people suffering from respiratory infections and animals
  • Wash your hands frequently, specially after direct contact with sick people or their enviroment.
  • Use of masks
  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, using a tissue or by flexing your elbow.

And most important of all…. Stay home!