5G technology and its impact on mobile app development


This modern era is focused mainly on internet connectivity, being the velocity of it a top priority. In this moment, 4G is the dominant network in the world, although soon the expansion of the latest 5G technology will replace it.

It’s a fact that the 5G network will be faster and more competent in comparison with 4G network. Besides, there are higher expectations for 5G and the opportunity of benefits for consumers and business.

Among the benefits there are:

  • 5G network offers a higher speed with less latency, thus allowing data to travel without delay.
  • The presence of wireless energy results beneficial for effortless device connection in the IoT ecosystem.

“As 5G network deployments evolve and mature, security will strengthen ever more. Will see aditional encryption, Edge web defense and technologies such as network function virtualization, mobile edge computing and a network cut that could make the networks safer. The impact of 5G technology continues to expand as the cities networks around the world are introduced to this tech”. says José Domingo Abogabir, CEO and General Director de Measured Security.

We can look at it as an updated innovation which will impact on mobile communities, supporting the field of connected devices. Collecting large amounts of data will certainly transform our lives by making the network grow faster, safer and more versatile. According to HIS Economics, 5G will successfully collect US$12,3 billions of world economic production by the end of 2035. Such figures are massive and benefits the 5G network progress in the years to come.

As a severe point of view, the advantages of 5G are moving at a superior level. In the next years, it’s predicted that this technology will significatively transform the mobile app sector.

Who will Benefit from 5G technology expansion?

According to statistics, the world population will soon have access to heavily asimilated content with better graphics. During this pase, the 5G network utility will surpass personal smartphones, due to service access from many sophisticated devices. For example, technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning will soon activate with the latest 5G technology.

Also, it is speculated that a wide range of applications will be supported by 5G, such as autonomous vehicles and real-time data analysis, among others. Given that the 5G network offers an ultra low latency and quick data response, many business owners are willing to create an app through app developments. This action is directed to favour a reliable company with the purpose to keep updated about the latest events associated with mobile app development and mobile app testing.

Mobile app development and 5G

Uniting the best plans with 5G connectivity in the near future, mobile apps will surely operate efficiently and will experiment a better productivity. Let’s learn about some of the highlighted effects of 5G technology related to mobile app development:

  • Quick file transfer

Numerous apps focus on file transfer along with money and data transfer involving multiple devices. The use of electromagnetic waves is a blessing and the 5G participation will also be a blessing so that multiple mobile apps start quick data transfer.

  • Great ways for mobile navigation app

The high-quality continous communication availability will help us to access to a better world full of opportunities to implement navigation apps. As 5G technology makes its way to help major online services, its contribution to navigation apps will surely rise the tourism industry.

For example, developers can now create an app that manages points of reference from different cities that offer abundant information and are compatible with 5G technology features.

  • Large range capacity

5G technology is known for its fast speed combined with extreme low latency therefore, developers can easily associate more function with virtual apps, IoT and augmented reality (AR). Such configuration is expected eventually to bring an outstanding user experience and enhance user’s retention.

  • Augmented user interface

The most attractive and useful benefit from 5G technology is related to user interface transparency. In other words, while you are watching a movie on a 3G or 4G network and then it’s transmitted on 5G LTE, you will see the big difference. This new network will motivate developers to update confidently the app’s user interface at large scale.

  • 3D model deployment

There´s no doubt that the introduction of 5G network will not only affect mobile app development, but also will alter the field of 3D games and Augmented Reality. Evaluators and developers have the certainty that mobile apps that feed from 5G network linked to a 3D printer will allow users to adquire high-quality 3D model objects.

This article presents a integral view of the effect of 5G technology to strengthen mobile app development. There are high expectations that they are forming at a constant rate with global industries prepared to accept 5G technology.