A flaw in the Bluetooth system on Android phones wreaks havoc on your security


Most of our phones are susceptible to new updates, whether we have an Android or IOS operating system, there are gaps that can be created where cybercriminals will want to do their thing.

Recently, the Information Security Agency (ERNW), located in Germany, discovered a flaw in the Bluetooth of Android phones that allows third parties to take control of smartphones when they have Bluetooth active.

This failure apparently affects Android 8.0 and 9.0 and its main risk lies in the fact that the attacker would only need to obtain the Bluetooth MAC address that acts as the terminal’s unique identifier code.

In other words, if the cybercriminal had access to the device, they would use it to steal personal data and spread computer viruses to other contacts.

To avoid this problem, it is important to download the latest security patch provided by your phone.

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