The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ensures that in 2020 cyber attacks will intensify

Globally, cyberattacks have increased by almost 76% and it is expected that by 2020 they will intensify even more, this, according to a report from The Global Risks Report 2020 released by the World Economic Forum.

This has not been the first wake-up call made by this prestigious institution, there are already several IT Security Agencies worldwide that are concerned about the risk that an increase in these attacks against companies and individuals implies. According to this study, it would have a negative impact in a period of no more than 10 years.

The investigations about this report had the participation of more than 750 experts on this subject, and for them, cyberattacks against large, medium and small companies will increase by 76%; on the other hand, 75% indicated that this increase is intended to search for data and money.

Consequently, these cybercriminals will take advantage by stealing information from other companies and people, and the industrial sectors that will be most affected would be: the health sector, the energy sector, the transport sector and of course, the technology sector.

What technologies will be affected by cyberattacks?

  • Artificial intelligence: This technology is increasingly used by companies around the world, having its immense participation in the telephone attention systems and also in the complex production systems of many companies. Artificial intelligence is likely to be affected in the future if precautions are not taken in time.
    • 5G technology in phones: Several companies around the globe are already working to bring this technology to their users, as well as Huawei of China and the Swedish company Ericsson. This technology had already been launched in test mode in 2019, but it is expected that by 2020 it will spread throughout the world. Being one of the most promising networks for this 2020, the 5G network does not escape on issues related to cybersecurity, since different studies indicate that this network will increase cyber attacks due to its high speed. If previously the 4G network could send 100,000 spam emails in just seconds, then the 5G network will send around 10 million in a few seconds.


  • Cloud Computing: Although it is not a system that can be as damaged as other technologies, this method can also be prone to cyberattacks, since every day more companies accumulate information in these spaces.


  • The internet: Being one of the main pollutants in terms of malicious malware, the internet does not escape these cyberattacks.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp: There are different companies that have access to our personal data, and it is there where the most expert cybercriminals attack these large companies to steal personal data, such as what happened in Yahoo in 2013, when the company was the victim of a cyber attack that affected more than 1000 user accounts.
  • Mobile applications: We must be careful what type of mobile applications we download on our phones, since the specialized company ESET recently revealed that a computer virus designed to display ads on the screen of phones, infected millions of cell phones through the operating system Android. According to the study, this virus has the ability to display malicious ads on phones in a pop-up manner during the process of installing an app.

This 2020 is loaded with a lot of uncertainty in issues related to cybersecurity, but don’t worry, you shouldn’t be alarmed, large companies work every day to mitigate these cyberattacks and strengthen technological infrastructures to make them less prone to these attacks.

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