5 almost imperceptible signs that you will be attacked by a ransomware

5 señales casi imperceptibles de que serás atacado por un ransomware

What to do if a Ransomware attacks me How to know that Ransomware has infected me Studies carried out on different victims of ransomware show that there are several signals that are repeated when looking through the telemetry records corresponding to previous weeks. A meticulous analysis of the behavior of the system in the days […]

Four computing security dangers that could be present in 2020


What cybersecurity dangers lurk this 2020? This 2020, the cybersecurity landscape becomes even more complicated, because each day techology revolutionizes our enviroment, making us more dependant of it. This happens mainly in those companies that want to adopt these technologies in their informatic infrastructures, but afraid to being devoid and affected by any cyberattack that […]

Cybersecurity: 7 advices for small and medium companies

Seguridad cibernética 7 consejos principales para las PYME

Cybersecurity: 7 advices for small and medium companies With the news headlines focused on big companies security breaches, it would be easy for small and medium companies (PYME) to suppose that its size keeps them out of a hacker’s radar, since they are not worthy for an attack. Unfortunately, when it’s about cybersecurity, small doesn’t […]

Top 5 network security risks and threats

Los 5 principales riesgos y amenazas de seguridad de la red

Top 5 main risks and threats It’s an unpleasant truth that businesses must face: among vulnerabilities and the the ever-changing IT landscape, network security risks continue to evolve and underlining the need for surveillance. With that purpose, proactive network managers know that they must routinely examine its security infrastructure, its best practices and consequently update. […]