Consultoría de ciberseguridad en Chile

Consultoría de ciberseguridad en Chile   Combinando perspicacia comercial con experiencia en seguridad cibernética, podemos intervenir para que hagas tu consultoría de ciberseguridad en Chile sobre gestión de riesgos de proveedores, planificación de continuidad comercial, controles técnicos de seguridad, gestión de vulnerabilidades, seguridad de aplicaciones web. Por otra parte, también realizamos pruebas de penetración e investigación forense, con […]

Cybersecurity for Companies

ciberseguridad para empresas

Cybersecurity for Companies Society advances every day and technology also advances, but… are companies aware of the risk and the implications of a large-scale cyberattack? On what scale could you imagine this? How would it affect your organization, customers and employees? In this article we will review in detail why it is so important to […]

What is the role of software tests in cybersecurity?

¿Cuál es el papel de las pruebas de software en ciberseguridad?

What is the role of software tests in cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the nowadays need, since hackers have raised their arsenal to breach your personal data. It is imperative to know that cyberattacks can occur in different ways, impacting on small and big business. It’s currently known that cybercriminals impose cutting-edge technology to attack digital systems […]