Should your company have a monitoring system for its computer security?

Many companies today face problems related to cyberattacks that directly affect the infrastructure of computers, networks and Internet connections. Constant monitoring helps to avoid this type of attack and allows to maintain and ensure the continuity of the company, protecting your company with a safe and reliable system.

At Measured Security we offer you this type of security, where your company will no longer be exposed to these types of vulnerabilities or cyberattacks that could expose your personal information, providing security and protection to your files and personal data.

It is important that every company maintains a constant monitoring system, as well as a computer maintenance system to avoid possible attacks and infections between the same infrastructure of the equipment, for this, backup copies, backup or CDP maintenance are carried out.

How do we avoid these types of attacks?

Step 1

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Safety Baseline Diagnosis

Step 2

  • Definition of Scopes and service Levels
  • Incident Response Procedures

Step 3

  • Implementation of Monitoring and administration infrastructure

Step 4

  • Definition and Implementation of technological and Executive dashboards

What protection do we give your company?

Our objective goes much further and is that at Measured Security we focus on providing protection that extends to all computer areas of the company, offering:

  • Content protection
  • Protection in Social Networks
  • E-mail Protection
  • PC Equipment Protection
  • Smartphone Protection
  • Protection Against information Leakage/ Hijacking
  • Web Content Protection
  • PC Equipment Protection – Peripherals
  • Protection of Operational Enviroment

With this monitoring system, your company will be able to anticipate failures and incidents that may occur in its IT infrastructure, being able to detect these changes in time and thus avoid any leakage of confidential information.