Most Common Threats in Computer Systems

Nowadays, cyberattacks are gaining momentum in this technological society that is increasingly interested in technology. Although there are countless threats, in this article we will analyze 3 of the most common that exist in Computer Security.

Cyberterrorism: This is one of the cyberattacks that has the greatest relevance in computer systems and in society. It consists of gathering information to the maximum, with the purpose of creating an environment of general terror and fear among the surrounding population. This attack can be directed at any type of institution, be it: government, people, hospitals, schools, etc.

Most experts believe that this attack is achieved for economic, political or religious purposes.

Cybercrime: This type of cyberattack goes beyond generating any fear in society, it usually occurs in many developed and underdeveloped countries with internet access. Through this attack, the so-called “hackers“, manage to interfere in the networks and computer connections in order to obtain economic gains. On the other hand, these hackers can also intercept technological devices, with the purpose of taking control and access to bank accounts, social networks, web pages and asking for large sums of money in exchange that the institution or the person cannot cover.

Cyberwar: The purpose of this attack, unlike Cyberterrorism, is that it is more linked to politics. How can it be generated? The criminals who handle these types of cyberattacks are those who seek to expose a reputable government or institution.

His idealism consists in collecting as much information as possible and then being exposed to the public, which could compromise any politician, official, public or private institution or the government itself.

An example of this is the case of Edward Snowden, a former computer scientist who worked for the CIA and who exposed classified, top-secret documents to the world that included massive surveillance programs at international level.