Malware on the rise on Mac OS


Recently, is was published a study made by Computing Security company Malwarebytes, revealing that Apple’s Mac OS are each day prone to receive cyberattacks from cybercriminals.

According to this report, the number of attacks increased by 11 last year in Mac OS, in comparison with Windows which it was 5,8.

Apple has always emphasized that its operative system are safer and less prone to cyberattacks than Windows; although it seems that this fact has changed, since last year the attacks on Mac OS exceeded the Windows attacks.

Malwarebytes also indicated that the increase in these attacks was 400% last year. The sudden increase of the cyberattacks is due to Apple’s stock rise in value worldwide. As more people use these computers, hackers see it as an easy target.

Although the number of attacks increased, the operative system is still reliable and Apple is trying harder to outrun these cyberattacks.