They discover a Malware that hides in the Coronavirus


Given the growing concern of many countries to adopt preventive measures in the case of the coronavirus that has worried a hundred governments, cybercriminals take advantage of this situation to spread preventive messages through the internet with malicious malware.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international alert for the rapid spread of this virus around the world, which means that many international media, including the internet, are giving what to talk about this news, the right opportunity for cybercriminals to do their thing.

Kaspersky, one of the most important companies in terms of computer security, has revealed recent discoveries of documents related to the coronavirus that carry computer viruses; among the files that malware can bring are: PDF, Mp4 and docx.

Some of the names related to this computer virus are the following:

  • VBS.Dinihou.r
  • Python.Agent.c
  • UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic
  • WinLNK.Agent.ew
  • HEUR:Trojan.WinLNK.Agent.gen
  • HEUR:Trojan.PDF.Badur.b

It is important to note that we have to be careful with the pages that offer information on how to prevent coronavirus, since many of these websites offer information with malicious malware hidden in their files.

To prevent this and other attacks, consult our IT security services.