I am a startup, What i must do regarding security?


Cybersecurity for business

 Being a startup is hard. Doesn’t have the budget to do everything like a big company, but if it doesn’t seem to be doing things right, then no one will buy from them. This is specially true when it comes about security. To do security properly costs money that few startups have, and clients expect security by default these days. Giving them the idea that their data isn’t safe with you can cost you a sale, and a breach could cost you your business (like what happened with Mt. Gox’s Bitcoin Exchange).

So, How can startups reach the thin line between protecting the client’s data, without sacrificing too much of your cash flow? Well, like everything else, it’s a balance; but you need to know which are important.

“If you are a business that is beginning in the market and tech world, the most important thing to consider to protect your company, is that you need to asign between 15% and 20% of your IT budget to invest in cybersecurity”. Says Waldo Gómez, Cybersecurity Specialist in Measured Security.

Before anything else, understand what does security means to you. If you offer payment services, the confidentiality and integrity of your data and the service availability are equally important. If you are creating an advertising platform, confidentiality and availability are important, but the integrity of your platform (protection against unauthorized changes) will have a higher priority.

For example, imagine that hackers replace your ads with unpleasant content; this would probably come out on the news and, who would buy after that? Understanding your priorities may help you decide where to invest your valuable cash, like anti-malware solutions.

Although anti-malware solutions are often considered the holy grail of security guarantees, keep in mind that it probably won’t work for the whole business infrastructure.

Security is a big deal and in comparison with all the existing information, this article is only a light description. We hope that this article gave you an indication of what paths to follow. If you wish any advice, contact us.

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