What cybersecurity dangers lurk this 2020?


This 2020, the cybersecurity landscape becomes even more complicated, because each day techology revolutionizes our enviroment, making us more dependant of it.

This happens mainly in those companies that want to adopt these technologies in their informatic infrastructures, but afraid to being devoid and affected by any cyberattack that harms their infrastructure and risking company’s classified data, as well as having millionaire loses.

In the beginning of 2020, many companies have been involved in cyberattacks, going from most dangerous to least dangerous, nonetheless, we cannot stay still doing nothing, and we must be careful with these four computing security dangers that could be present in 2020:

  • Data leak: Data leak is occasionally related to cybercriminals themselves, but many times also are involved company’s employees, who accidentally share information or sensitive data. A similar situation happened august 2019 in Australia, when an employee accidentally sent to a provider a worksheet describing personal information of hundreds of people, including health care information.
  • Ransomware: It’s one of the most important attacks that all companies must counter, the ransomware. This malicious software is attacking more companies each day, including medium a big companies. It is estimated that in a future ransomware attacks will increase their levels and the trend is to increase further more, leaving big consequences worldwide in many organizations, including millionaire loses.
  • Weak passwords: Many companies worldwide conclude that weak passwords are one of the most vulnerable and easy targets for cybercriminals. In fact, Google revealed that 2% of a login information online are vulnerable due to the same fact. If you are gonna open a bank account, e-mail or any other access mechanism involving passwords, make sure that they are difficult to decipher, thus avoiding theft or data hijacking.
  • Phishing: Is one of the cybercriminals most used methods to steal personal data. Normally the most used method for this kind of illegal acts are e-mails, where the attacker infiltrates in the computing systems. Currently phishing attacks have increased a 200% this year. The ideal is to hire a Computing Security Agency that counters these attacks or educate people with necessary tools so that they are more prepared and avoid this kind of attacks.

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