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Noticias | Empresas aumentan inversión de ciberseguridad en Chile

Cybersecurity Companies in Chile

Companies increase cybersecurity investment in Chile

Computer security is increasing every day in chilean companies due to dangers they are facing from constant cyberattacks that put their infrastructure and computer security at risk.

In 2018, different companies in Chile invested a total of 156 million dollars in cybersecurity, which implies a growth of 10% compared to 2017, when the investment budget was less than 145 million dollars, while in 2016 it stood at 125 million dollars.

A recent study indicated that 45% of the companies in Chile consider it opportune and a priority to invest in security and IT technology.

In 2019 cyberattacks intensified by 20% compared to other years, on the other hand, growth in investment by Chilean companies in cybersecurity also grew by 18%, this due to the increase exponential number of attacks on these companies”, commented José Domingo Abogabir, CEO  Managing Director of Measured Security.

The deficit of professionals in the area of ​​computer security reaches up to 90% and many of these companies find it difficult to hire specialists in cybersecurity. Only between 6 and 8% of people are prepared to work in this area.

Another of the biggest challenges Chile faces in terms of cybersecurity issues is that there are not enough educational institutions that offer this career as an attraction to meet the requirements of many companies in this area. Currently, work is being done in educational institutions to create new curricula on computer security, on the other hand, educational spaces are being created where courses and diplomas are offered to guarantee constant learning in professionals.

If your company needs to invest in cybersecurity, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write to us through Whatsapp by clicking on the following image:

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Noticias | ¿Cuáles son las contraseñas que más se hackean en internet?

How to create a password difficult to hack?


Many Internet users apply these bad practices when using passwords that are easy for cybercriminals to hack, a reality that has become common these days.

Several computer security professionals are concerned about these malware that attack different devices that use the internet and that serve as a means to send and receive data, which makes your smartphone, tablet or other device prone to being hacked.

What happens if I don’t change my password?

If your debit card password is 123456, go ahead and change it inmediately.

A recent study indicates that this type of passwords is held by around 22 million people in the world, either to be used in bank accounts or for other purposes.

Always avoid using these types of passwords, as well as proper names, sports teams, superheroes, artist names.

These are the 10 most used passwords worldwide:

  • 123456123456789
  • qwerty
  • password
  • 111111
  • 12345678
  • abc123
  • 1234567
  • password1
  • 12345

How to create a password difficult to hack?

To avoid future problems with your accounts due to possible hacks, we recommend that you rather use a combination of numbers, uppercase, lowercase and special characters, in this way, your passwords will be indecipherable.

If you want to contact our computer security service for both your home and your company, write us FREE to Whatsapp and check our prices.

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Noticias | Amenazas más comunes en los Sistemas Informáticos

Most Common Threats in Computer Systems

Nowadays, cyberattacks are gaining momentum in this technological society that is increasingly interested in technology. Although there are countless threats, in this article we will analyze 3 of the most common that exist in Computer Security.

Cyberterrorism: This is one of the cyberattacks that has the greatest relevance in computer systems and in society. It consists of gathering information to the maximum, with the purpose of creating an environment of general terror and fear among the surrounding population. This attack can be directed at any type of institution, be it: government, people, hospitals, schools, etc.

Most experts believe that this attack is achieved for economic, political or religious purposes.

Cybercrime: This type of cyberattack goes beyond generating any fear in society, it usually occurs in many developed and underdeveloped countries with internet access. Through this attack, the so-called “hackers“, manage to interfere in the networks and computer connections in order to obtain economic gains. On the other hand, these hackers can also intercept technological devices, with the purpose of taking control and access to bank accounts, social networks, web pages and asking for large sums of money in exchange that the institution or the person cannot cover.

Cyberwar: The purpose of this attack, unlike Cyberterrorism, is that it is more linked to politics. How can it be generated? The criminals who handle these types of cyberattacks are those who seek to expose a reputable government or institution.

His idealism consists in collecting as much information as possible and then being exposed to the public, which could compromise any politician, official, public or private institution or the government itself.

An example of this is the case of Edward Snowden, a former computer scientist who worked for the CIA and who exposed classified, top-secret documents to the world that included massive surveillance programs at international level.

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La Ciberseguridad debe ser prioridad en una Empresas

Antivirus for Business

by cortesia

The best Antivirus for companies


Since Computer Viruses exist, companies have found it difficult to lead a calmer technological life, since they are prone to suffer any threat that damages their Computer Security. This problem is becoming more common in the world market every day, which has led many small, medium and large companies to look for Information Security Agencies to back up their personal data and protect it against any threat.

The solution to this problem is to use powerful antivirus programs and firewalls that allow you to protect your information at all costs against these attacks, if you do not have either of these two, then your data is at the mercy of cybercriminals who will not wait to attack and steal your files personal.

In the market there are many options of antivirus for companies, some of these antivirus are beneficial for small companies with a low budget that cannot choose to obtain all the benefits that these programs provide, but that can offer you the early detection of cyberattacks that cybercriminals run day by day against these small businesses.

Based on this information, in this article we will tell you which are the best antivirus for companies that currently exist.

  • Bitdefender Total Security

It is an easy-to-use software and is one of the most used worldwide and has the greatest reputation in terms of computer protection, since it can detect up to 99% of any threat that could harm your computer.

Its technology is based on detecting and identifying in real-time any behavior or potential threat, blocking them permanently, it also allows you to configure it to protect against intruders, block websites, among others.


  • Avast

An antivirus program that we all know and that we once installed on our computers. This computer security software is focused on protecting the computer against viruses that remain persistent on the PC, while the user is not aware of its operation. This program will always ensure you are one step ahead of you, so that you do not suffer any future consequences from these cyberattacks.

  • Kaspersky Total Security

This antivirus program is well known worldwide for always obtaining the best results in terms of computer security, in addition, this software is designed to protect any device of small and medium-sized companies, where entrepreneurs can easily manage its operation.

Among its functions there is, generate protection against keyloggers, data encryption, it also includes a password manager that will allow you to give more security to your computer systems.

Each of these programs offers you different variables to study with objectives and functions totally different from each other, you must know how to choose which is the one that best suits your company.

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Errors that companies make in terms of Computer Security


Many companies choose to cover their internal needs, but they forget that computer security is an essential issue and that it must also be treated as a necessity, so that it does not suffer from any vulnerability that a cybercriminal may execute.

In this article we will tell you what are the errors that companies make in terms of Computer Security.

  • Poor maintenance and security to your servers and networks

If your company is at this point, you should hurry to address this issue as soon as possible. The maintenance of the servers is of vital importance, since it protects the company’s network and keeps the security systems updated for greater control and protection of information and personal data.

If your network system is not protected, you must take into account that you are exposed to any cyberattack that can compromise the integral security of your company, as well as theft, damage or hijacking of personal information.

  • Consider that computer security is not an important issue

If you are a company that thinks this way, you are making a serious mistake when you consider that the computer security of your company should not be practiced.

It is important to have a constant protection system that monitors your company’s IT infrastructure, in order to avoid cyber threats of any kind that may lead to the theft of personal information and compromise the integrity of your company.

Computer security is not just anything, it is a serious issue that your company should address if you have not already done so.

  • Believe in antivirus program systems

Anti-virus or Firewall programs that are not certified and are not installed and configured by professionals tend to create greater computer security risks over time, which could compromise the integrity of your business.

To avoid this type of inconvenience, you should contact computer security experts who meet the standards in terms of quality, service and confidentiality.

  • Do not entrust the computer security of your company to anyone

To have greater control and protection of your personal files, you should consider hiring a computer security company or any computer advisor that meets different standards in terms of quality and service. In addition, it should provide you with comprehensive solutions and rates adapted to particular needs that your company requires.

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¿Qué es el Phishing?

What is Phishing?

by cortesia

What is Phishing?

Have you ever been bitten by phishing?


Phishing is a very common method used by cybercriminals to kidnap and mislead confidential information. In general, victims tend to fall for this type of illegal act, giving the cybercriminal information related to their bank account, be it: passwords, credit card numbers or personal banking information.

This term also refers to the English word “fishing”, which means “to bite the hook”.

These cybercriminals are usually called Phisher, a term that translates to a person who impersonates the identity of another, be it: company, institution or another person. This Phisher uses emails, instant messaging, social media, malware, phone calls, or any method that aims to steal your personal information.

What information do these cybercriminals steal from us?

  • Personal information
  • Financial information
  • Account numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Access credentials
  • Location and contact information
  • Mail accounts
  • Social media accounts

What means does the Phisher use to steal confidential information?

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Use of e-mails
  • Use of social networks
  • Computer virus infection

How can we avoid being attacked by these types of cybercriminals?

  • Do not click on links that ask for personal information.
  • Verify that emails do not contain malicious links or misspellings.
  • When we enter a web page, we must make sure that the page has a security certificate, we can see this in the upper left, you will see a padlock, if we click, it will tell us that the connection is secure.
  • Many times these cybercriminals ask for personal information beyond what we are used to giving, therefore, we must be careful what type of personal information we are giving.

A classic example is; Banks will never ask you for your personal banking information via email, therefore, before doing so, call the bank or go to the nearest branch to validate this information.

We must be careful what type of information we are giving to companies or institutions via the internet, since this system works worldwide as a way to steal personal data.

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Malware se camufla en el Coronavirus

They discover a Malware that hides in the Coronavirus


Given the growing concern of many countries to adopt preventive measures in the case of the coronavirus that has worried a hundred governments, cybercriminals take advantage of this situation to spread preventive messages through the internet with malicious malware.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international alert for the rapid spread of this virus around the world, which means that many international media, including the internet, are giving what to talk about this news, the right opportunity for cybercriminals to do their thing.

Kaspersky, one of the most important companies in terms of computer security, has revealed recent discoveries of documents related to the coronavirus that carry computer viruses; among the files that malware can bring are: PDF, Mp4 and docx.

Some of the names related to this computer virus are the following:

  • VBS.Dinihou.r
  • Python.Agent.c
  • UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic
  • WinLNK.Agent.gg
  • WinLNK.Agent.ew
  • HEUR:Trojan.WinLNK.Agent.gen
  • HEUR:Trojan.PDF.Badur.b

It is important to note that we have to be careful with the pages that offer information on how to prevent coronavirus, since many of these websites offer information with malicious malware hidden in their files.

To prevent this and other attacks, consult our IT security services.


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5 señales casi imperceptibles de que serás atacado por un ransomware

What to do if a Ransomware attacks me


How to know that Ransomware has infected me

Studies carried out on different victims of ransomware show that there are several signals that are repeated when looking through the telemetry records corresponding to previous weeks.

A meticulous analysis of the behavior of the system in the days prior to the moment of the attack, has shown anomalies that by themselves do not represent any danger; but in the inappropriate context they do act maliciously. These are legitimate network management tools, which are used by cybercriminals to set the stage for the attack.

The good news is that these small anomalies can be detected and considered as an important indicator of possible threats to the computer security of the future victim.

Without further ado, here are 5 signs that indicate a possible ransomware attack:

Network scanner, mainly on a server

Usually, attackers start looking for access to a server to find necessary information such as the domain name and / or the company; the type of administration rights that the computer in question has, among others. This, as long as it is a Mac or Windows.

Then they proceed to broaden the search to find out what data or resources are available on the network, and which one or more of them they can access. Before any unusual intervention of a network scanner, such as AngryIP or Advanced Port Scanner; it is best to seek help immediately and begin investigating immediately.

Tools that disable antivirus software

Once the attacker manages to get the network administration rights, the most common is that they try to disable the protective action of any security software with applications specially designed for that function, such as Process Hacker, IOBit Uninstaller, GMER, PC Hunter, among other.

While these are completely legitimate tools, they can pose a great threat to a company’s IT security when used by unauthorized personnel. Given the sudden appearance of this signal, the most recommended is, without a doubt, to carry out a deep analysis as quickly as possible.

Presence of MimiKatz

Any detection of MimiKatz should always be studied. Someone from the management team should be able to vouch for the use of MimiKatz, otherwise it would be a quick red flag. It is a tool that allows you to obtain credentials and for that reason it is widely used for hacking.

Microsoft Process Explorer is also sometimes used, a legitimate tool that lets you dump LSASS.exe from memory and create a .dmp file. This makes the attack even more effective, since it transfers the data to use MimiKatz on the attacker’s test machine to its own environment.

Suspicious behavior patterns

A detection that occurs daily and at the same time or that responds to any pattern is usually a sign that something may be happening, even when the malicious files are detected and removed. Generally, the fact that the attack returns regularly means that there is another, even more dangerous attack, which has not yet been detected.

Attack test

Sometimes the attacker uses a computer to do a test that allows him to measure the efficiency of his implementation methods, as well as the correct execution of the ransomware. When the security software detects and stops the attack, the test is usually repeated with another technique. Many times this happens hours before the real attack, so it is very important to react quickly to phenomena of this type.

If these 5 signals are present on your computer, then pay close attention to this cyberattack following the recommendations of our expert:

“Being attacked by Ransomware is one of the great challenges that sometimes we have to face; However, we can take the appropriate precautions to avoid these attacks, among which we have: make sure your firewalls are activated, avoid visiting suspicious websites and do not click on malicious links that come from email. An antivirus program can also help keep your company safe from any cyber attack”. Explains José Domingo Abogabir, CEO and General Director of Measured Security.

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Seguridad informática para instituciones públicas y empresas

Informatic Security for business and public institutions


Computing Security Agency for business in Chile

Each day, cybersecurity threats are increasing, which is why computing security is an important issue that we should address in this technological-changing times. For many companies adapting these changes usually brings more productivity, giving quicker and more efficient solutions when managing these new technologies, but also it usually brings big informatic threats that can put in danger information and data confidentiality for public institutions.

Every organization should count with a security baseline for their productive teams, taking them to a minimum level of security satisfaction though Hardening. A vulnerability analysis on its part, has a goal of identify safety holes and measure the impact over the assets, and use the findings to visualize the next actions for improvement and be able to resist to exposed attacks” (Sánchez, 2013)

The purpose of this goal is to get that all this business and institution conglomerate have an Informatic Security System in their facilities, for it, they must have a solid and strengthened infrastructure that can counter any existing cybersecurity threat on the web.

On the other hand, it exists network systems connected worldwide where they transmit daily millions and millions of data through internet, allowing information transfer through desktops and other devices, but at the same time, there are risks that can increase informatic threats from anywhere, therefore, it’s extremely important to implement an Computing security for business and institution System to avoid compromising valuable information.

What can we do in front of these threats?

If you are a small, medium or big company, the ideal is to hire an Computing Security agency that offers protection to the entire company’s informatic infrastructure, and that’s where Measured Security can offer you this option with different kinds of services that adapt to your needs; either for hiring a protection service for your devices and home network or if you are a business or public institution, you can choose our Executive, business or government services.

If you are looking a cybersecurity company that brings you reliability and transparency to protect your personal files, contact us for free through the next link:

Click image:

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Ciberseguridad al servicio del orden ciudadano en la nacion chilena un reto de primer orden en el pais

Computer Security for business and public institutions

Cybersecurity, The PDI and Carabineros de Chile are favored by a new project to guarantee their development this 2020. The MISP (Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública or Ministry of Interior and Public Security) has planned a US$96 million investement for the Programa de Fortalecimiento de la Gestión Estratégica y la Seguridad Pública (Strategic Management and Public Security Strengthening Program).

The entities in charge of making the project possible will be the IADB (Inter-American Development Bank) and the chilean State; each contributing in equal parts the established budget.

The first said entity (IADB) has already approved 50% of the total investment (US$48 million).

Cybersecurity and citizen well-being: the IADB plan

In the original document published by IADB point out the need to reinforce protection for Young people, who are the main victims of violence in the country. Also, it emphasizes the need to reinforce cybersecurity to reduce social network and general network crimes.

The fundamental goal, besides citizen protection, is the increase of State security institution’s credibility; as for the increase of reliability in them.

Among the main detected problems there are insufficiency of preventive actions taken by local governments and a lack of precise location in districts with the higher criminalization rate.

So, the main focus of the plan is contributing to reduce both violent robbery and computing sabotage in the chilean nation.

Strategic Management and Public Security Strengthening Program in numbers

Cyberspace protection plays a leading role inside the plan, to the point that almost half of the budget is exclusively destined to this program.

It stipulates the creation of new tools and capabilities to the monitoring sector, planning and also accountability.

Also, it will support the development of all cybersecurity legislative framework, to improve its management in the most critical public sectors, besides strengthening and creating a functional infrastructure in them.

Another US$41 million with support Carabineros and PDI, improving technologies, both hardware and software, for emergency calls and evaluation systems.

It is also pretended to reinforce inspection and accountability mechanisms.

The rest of the budget will be destined to critical zones in the country, where officials will be responsible for guaranteeing the optimal performance of the new infrastructure.

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