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Noticias | ¿Qué riesgos corro si no tengo un sistema de seguridad informática?

What risks do I run if I don't have a computer security system in my company?


Every company must have at least one computer security system in its facilities, because if it does not, it would be at risk of being a victim of theft or hijacking of information, a story that no company or business would like to live.

In the last 5 years, technology has advanced to the point that many companies are already adopting new technologies in their facilities and that are closely linked to the Internet, but we already know that the Internet is dangerous if you do not have at least one security system that protects company files and data.

We do not know when, how and where hackers will attack, but we can be prepared to prevent and counter these attacks that can put our business at risk.

What would be the consequences if I don’t have this security system?

There are many factors that can harm the stability of your company if you do not have this system, among them are:

  • Work on a pc that does not have an antivirus
  • Do not make backup copies of your personal files.
  • Open suspicious emails that contain harmful viruses.
  • Insert infected USB sticks in your computer.
  • Download malicious files.
  • Browse unsafe web pages.

One of the many questions that large, medium and even small companies always ask themselves is … will IT security be necessary? Should I be prepared as a company having a security system that protects my files?

The first question is easy to answer, since technology advances more every day and our lives, personal files and data are increasingly linked to the internet, therefore, having a computer security system is necessary and a priority, even if you are a company, public institution, school, hospital or home, you must protect your data against any cyber attack.

The second question has a lot to do with the first, if you are prepared you would prevent third parties from having access to your personal data, if you do not have this system, hackers will do their thing and steal both personal data, such as bank accounts, credit accounts , access to your emails and much more.

If you still do not have a computer security agency that protects your data, we can be the first to advise you for FREE and offer the best service, write to WhatsApp by clicking on the image.

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¿Qué es una Red VPN?

VPN Networks

by cortesia

¿What is a VPN Network?


What are the best VPN networks?

VPN networks are private networks that are intertwined with other public networks, such as the internet, allowing you to connect from any remote point on the planet, as if you were connected to a local network.

Connecting to a VPN network allows us to evade any restrictions in the country where you are staying, either web pages, social networks, news pages, among others.

How to use a VPN network?

The configurations that are carried out in these networks are quite complex, however, you can avoid all these steps and look for a client that provides you with this access.

The best VPNs are:

  • HotspotShield
  • TunnelBear
  • SpotFlux
  • CyberGhost

You can use each of these VPN networks for a fee and others for free, depending on the service the company offers you.

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