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¿Qué es el Phishing?

What is Phishing?

by cortesia

What is Phishing?

Have you ever been bitten by phishing?


Phishing is a very common method used by cybercriminals to kidnap and mislead confidential information. In general, victims tend to fall for this type of illegal act, giving the cybercriminal information related to their bank account, be it: passwords, credit card numbers or personal banking information.

This term also refers to the English word “fishing”, which means “to bite the hook”.

These cybercriminals are usually called Phisher, a term that translates to a person who impersonates the identity of another, be it: company, institution or another person. This Phisher uses emails, instant messaging, social media, malware, phone calls, or any method that aims to steal your personal information.

What information do these cybercriminals steal from us?

  • Personal information
  • Financial information
  • Account numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Access credentials
  • Location and contact information
  • Mail accounts
  • Social media accounts

What means does the Phisher use to steal confidential information?

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Use of e-mails
  • Use of social networks
  • Computer virus infection

How can we avoid being attacked by these types of cybercriminals?

  • Do not click on links that ask for personal information.
  • Verify that emails do not contain malicious links or misspellings.
  • When we enter a web page, we must make sure that the page has a security certificate, we can see this in the upper left, you will see a padlock, if we click, it will tell us that the connection is secure.
  • Many times these cybercriminals ask for personal information beyond what we are used to giving, therefore, we must be careful what type of personal information we are giving.

A classic example is; Banks will never ask you for your personal banking information via email, therefore, before doing so, call the bank or go to the nearest branch to validate this information.

We must be careful what type of information we are giving to companies or institutions via the internet, since this system works worldwide as a way to steal personal data.

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Malware se camufla en el Coronavirus

They discover a Malware that hides in the Coronavirus


Given the growing concern of many countries to adopt preventive measures in the case of the coronavirus that has worried a hundred governments, cybercriminals take advantage of this situation to spread preventive messages through the internet with malicious malware.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international alert for the rapid spread of this virus around the world, which means that many international media, including the internet, are giving what to talk about this news, the right opportunity for cybercriminals to do their thing.

Kaspersky, one of the most important companies in terms of computer security, has revealed recent discoveries of documents related to the coronavirus that carry computer viruses; among the files that malware can bring are: PDF, Mp4 and docx.

Some of the names related to this computer virus are the following:

  • VBS.Dinihou.r
  • Python.Agent.c
  • UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic
  • WinLNK.Agent.gg
  • WinLNK.Agent.ew
  • HEUR:Trojan.WinLNK.Agent.gen
  • HEUR:Trojan.PDF.Badur.b

It is important to note that we have to be careful with the pages that offer information on how to prevent coronavirus, since many of these websites offer information with malicious malware hidden in their files.

To prevent this and other attacks, consult our IT security services.


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5 señales casi imperceptibles de que serás atacado por un ransomware

What to do if a Ransomware attacks me


How to know that Ransomware has infected me

Studies carried out on different victims of ransomware show that there are several signals that are repeated when looking through the telemetry records corresponding to previous weeks.

A meticulous analysis of the behavior of the system in the days prior to the moment of the attack, has shown anomalies that by themselves do not represent any danger; but in the inappropriate context they do act maliciously. These are legitimate network management tools, which are used by cybercriminals to set the stage for the attack.

The good news is that these small anomalies can be detected and considered as an important indicator of possible threats to the computer security of the future victim.

Without further ado, here are 5 signs that indicate a possible ransomware attack:

Network scanner, mainly on a server

Usually, attackers start looking for access to a server to find necessary information such as the domain name and / or the company; the type of administration rights that the computer in question has, among others. This, as long as it is a Mac or Windows.

Then they proceed to broaden the search to find out what data or resources are available on the network, and which one or more of them they can access. Before any unusual intervention of a network scanner, such as AngryIP or Advanced Port Scanner; it is best to seek help immediately and begin investigating immediately.

Tools that disable antivirus software

Once the attacker manages to get the network administration rights, the most common is that they try to disable the protective action of any security software with applications specially designed for that function, such as Process Hacker, IOBit Uninstaller, GMER, PC Hunter, among other.

While these are completely legitimate tools, they can pose a great threat to a company’s IT security when used by unauthorized personnel. Given the sudden appearance of this signal, the most recommended is, without a doubt, to carry out a deep analysis as quickly as possible.

Presence of MimiKatz

Any detection of MimiKatz should always be studied. Someone from the management team should be able to vouch for the use of MimiKatz, otherwise it would be a quick red flag. It is a tool that allows you to obtain credentials and for that reason it is widely used for hacking.

Microsoft Process Explorer is also sometimes used, a legitimate tool that lets you dump LSASS.exe from memory and create a .dmp file. This makes the attack even more effective, since it transfers the data to use MimiKatz on the attacker’s test machine to its own environment.

Suspicious behavior patterns

A detection that occurs daily and at the same time or that responds to any pattern is usually a sign that something may be happening, even when the malicious files are detected and removed. Generally, the fact that the attack returns regularly means that there is another, even more dangerous attack, which has not yet been detected.

Attack test

Sometimes the attacker uses a computer to do a test that allows him to measure the efficiency of his implementation methods, as well as the correct execution of the ransomware. When the security software detects and stops the attack, the test is usually repeated with another technique. Many times this happens hours before the real attack, so it is very important to react quickly to phenomena of this type.

If these 5 signals are present on your computer, then pay close attention to this cyberattack following the recommendations of our expert:

“Being attacked by Ransomware is one of the great challenges that sometimes we have to face; However, we can take the appropriate precautions to avoid these attacks, among which we have: make sure your firewalls are activated, avoid visiting suspicious websites and do not click on malicious links that come from email. An antivirus program can also help keep your company safe from any cyber attack”. Explains José Domingo Abogabir, CEO and General Director of Measured Security.

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Los Malware aumentan en las Mac OS

Malware on the rise on Mac OS


Recently, is was published a study made by Computing Security company Malwarebytes, revealing that Apple’s Mac OS are each day prone to receive cyberattacks from cybercriminals.

According to this report, the number of attacks increased by 11 last year in Mac OS, in comparison with Windows which it was 5,8.

Apple has always emphasized that its operative system are safer and less prone to cyberattacks than Windows; although it seems that this fact has changed, since last year the attacks on Mac OS exceeded the Windows attacks.

Malwarebytes also indicated that the increase in these attacks was 400% last year. The sudden increase of the cyberattacks is due to Apple’s stock rise in value worldwide. As more people use these computers, hackers see it as an easy target.

Although the number of attacks increased, the operative system is still reliable and Apple is trying harder to outrun these cyberattacks.

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¿Cuál es el papel de las pruebas de software en ciberseguridad?

What is the role of software tests in cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity is the nowadays need, since hackers have raised their arsenal to breach your personal data. It is imperative to know that cyberattacks can occur in different ways, impacting on small and big business. It’s currently known that cybercriminals impose cutting-edge technology to attack digital systems with the purpose of extract vital data from business. It’s amazing to know that approximately US $5,2 billions in value can be put at risk due to cyberattacks between 2019 and 2023.

The correct use of software test measures is considered key to restrict hacking incidents. In the last years, this process has gained popularity and software tests have become in a reliable shield against cyberattacks.

What makes software tests important?

Ideally, and observing the current scenario where organizations are always threatened by cyber breaches and malicious activities, the implementation of a reliable software test schemes should be the agenda. Nevertheless, propagation is limited, which raises mayor concerns worldwide. According to experts, organizations should reinforce the understanding of the level safety tests that must incorpórate to avoid cyberattacks.

The ignorance towards software development practices and the additional focus on software products already launched leaves an important gap for hackers to exploit.

Therefore, the fundamental nature of software tests is done under such circumstances. It can easily include software tests as part of the organization work model. The most basic step is to hire an expert team on safety-design-dedicated softwares. Besides, it’s important to establish a specific quality criterio in all your plumbing to guarantee a better security.

Pentests and its impact in cybersecurity

Over the base of different polls, it is revealed that almost a 75% of cyberattacks occur as a result of an unsafe app that includes an unsafe code. Outsourced apps for the world’s population have become the main target for cyberattacks. Therefore, it’s important that an organization guarantee the code source quality that is connected to the app. Such problems can be stopped smartly with the correct implementation of pentests.

A pentest is basically a replicated cyberattack directed to the system with the purpose of using main vulnerabilities.

Intelligent system security: Pentests are smartly designed agreement to examine the security before a hacker tries. Only through pentest tools you can replicate a real cyberattack to carefully detect safety vulnerabilities.

Highlight weak segments: If we are capable of recognizing weak links within the software, then the possibilities of protecting records, personal credentials and credit card info among others, can notably increase. To be precise, pentests make use of safety vulnerabilities to structure an effective protection plan and prevent future cyberattacks.

Network safety assist: Pentest also plays an important role in network security. With a more dynamic approach, these tests can quickly recognize beforehand possible security vulnerabilities. Also, it can be obtained info related to security compliance, response time of the safety equipment, etc…

Now we know how software tests have been moving in the cybersecurity field to offer a better protection. The role of safety test professionals in an organization is essential for protection against cyberattacks.

Learn more about how our team of cybersecurity specialists can create a safe space in your business. Connect with our professionals now +56 9 5413 5320 / +56 9 6676 4809 for chat or e-mail us at: contacto@measuredsecurity.cl

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Impacto del COVID-19 en la ciberseguridad y las empresas

COVID-19 impact in cybersecurity and companies


COVID-19 has become a gold mine for cybercriminals. Months ago, the coronavirus pandemichas grown exponetially around the world and is expected to increase the number of infected in many countries, specially the USA who has more than 190.000 cases.

While we are fighting to contain the spreading of COVID-19 in the world, its encounter is quickly expanding. Countries are closing their borders and imposing lockdowns to towns, cities and states, companies are reducing their operations, therefore, real economy grows thin and the subterranean economy starts to activate. This is the precise moment where hackers around the globe prepare their malicious plays about COVID-19 and spread their own infections.

As a result of this pandemic, cybercriminals seize the opportunity to scam individuals, revealed by the Checkpoint Computing Security Agency, in which they expose the rising number of malicious websites, putting information about the pandemic only to steal your money and data.

Malicious domains related to coronavirus

Worldwide speaking, domains related to COVID-19 have a 50% chance of being malicious than other domains registered in the same amount of time and besides, they are higher than recent seasonal themes.

Since the beginning of january, across the lapsus in which the disease spreaded, 16.000 new COVID-19 related domains settled.

Only in the last 3 weeks, it was noticed a big increase in number of registrated domains; the average number of new domains is 10, more than the average number found in previous weeks. Also, 0,8% of these domains were malicious (93 websites) and other 19% were suspicious (more than 2.200 websites). In the last week, more than 6.000 new domains were registered, a 85% increase in comparison to the previous week.

In this situation, distrust any website that offers discounts, no matter how authentic is. To avoid being an online scam victim, our recommendations to prevent an unsafe behavior are:

  • Be careful with e-mails and files received from unknown senders, specially if they offer sales or special discounts.
  • Do not open any unknown attached file nor any link in the e-mail.
  • Make sure to order products from an authentic source. One way to do it is to NOT open promotional links in the e-mails.

Remember that besides washing your hands regularly, it’s very important to mantain your cyber-hygiene.

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¿Por qué es importante la ciberseguridad?

Why is cybersecurity so important?


The importance of digital security

Cybersecurity is important because it encompasses everything related to our personal data protection, information about personal identification, health information, intellectual property, government and industry data and information system against theft and damage from cybercriminals and other entities that try to enter in our private network.

The cybersecurity risk is increasing and its caused by global connectivity and cloud service usage, the place where personal information and classified data are stored. The defficient generalized configuration of cloud services along with increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, has meant that the risk of succesful cyberattacks or a data breach to your business is increasing.

“Cybersecurity nowadays is more important than ever, due to world population’s mayority connected to the worldwide network and that makes them vulnerable if they don’t have the appropiate tools to protect themselves on the network. In the past few years there has been hacks that caused irreparable damage to the public and private sector. Unfortunately, today we have to be conscious about being a victim of information hijacking, identity theft, banking products cloning, phishing, etc…. Through this simple hacks or digital methodologies to extract information we can lose it all. To have a protected system, it is required the help from every member from said system, since all are protected, the system does not have any vulnerability, it’s like having the flu and stay home to avoid the propagation of it in your office (SYSTEM). Keeping your devices with the proper cybersecurity measures helps the system to not have a security vulnerability”, . Explains José Domingo Abogabir, CEO and General Director of Measured Security.

Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization. You must educate your staff about simple social engineering scams like phishing and more sophisticated cyberattacks like ransomware or another malware designed to steal intellectual property or personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulation or (GDPR) and other laws indicate that cybersecurity is not something that companies of any size can ignore. Security incidents affects regularly to companies of any size and often they appear on the cover causing irreversible damage to the reputation of companies involved.

The importance of cybersecurity is on the rise. Our society is fundamentally more technological-dependat than ever before and there’s no sign that this trend will decrease. Personal data that might provoke an identity fraud, now they are poste don our social network accounts. Classified information such as social security numbers, credit card info and bank account details are now stored in cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you’re still not worried about cybersecurity, you should and in MSS Vision we’ll be at your service and bring you all the protection you deserve.

If you wish to know more about our services, e-mail us and let us know any question o worries that you have.

¡Free consulting!

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