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Ciberseguridad en Chile y Colombia: se firma un nuevo acuerdo de colaboración

Cybersecurity in Latin America: agreement signed between Chile and Colombia

With the aim of promoting the joint work of both nations in matters of cyber defense and cyber intelligence, Colombia and Chile decide to join forces to work with cyber security in said American nations.

The signing of this bilateral agreement has functioned as a closure to a series of cooperation treaties that since 2018, during the administration of President Piñera, the Chilean state had established with other countries such as Spain and Argentina, as well as with the OAS (Organization of American States).

The new challenges in cybersecurity

The objectives of the agreement are aimed at combating cybercrime; but they also support the creation of an efficient infrastructure to reduce crime rates, with emphasis on the most affected regions of both countries; all this through the development of an intelligent citizen protection system.

On the other hand, the agreement seeks to promote the work that both nations carry out together, both in organizations and in international forums dedicated to cyber defense, cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and the reduction of cybercrime in cyberspace.

Likewise, the agreement serves to promote among network users confidence in their security and to increase confidence in the citizen defense mechanisms of both nations.

How the bilateral agreement between Chile and Colombia works

This agreement will allow the detection of critical infrastructures and work based on the reinforcement of security in them. In terms of cybersecurity, this translates into an exchange of information about possible threats on the network. the information is shared jointly in the CSIRTs or National CERTs, in order to establish bilateral cooperation mechanisms between both countries.

In addition, the agreement promotes the participation of both nations in technical training programs in everything concerning cyber defense and international management carried out to combat cybercrime.

In the same way, the protection of cybernetic infrastructures in critical regions is sought and participation in programs, conferences, research, among other related events.

Current projections

The continuous work in pertinent matter in each nation has been showing its results in practice. Both countries have a much more secure defense mechanism that is perfected every day with the integration of cutting-edge technology; which is intended for cybersecurity and the protection of all citizens whether on the web or in urban space.

Emphasis is placed mainly on areas with a high crime rate; and among the main current purposes, on the one hand, to continue working on improving the security mechanisms already established, and on the other, to deepen the integration of new strategies and to produce new updated statistics.

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Mujeres chilenas se destacan como garantes de la Ciberseguridad

Chilean women stand out as guarantors of Cybersecurity

The year 2019 ended awarding 28 specialist women in cybersecurity. The entity promoting this award was the Alianza Chilena de Ciberseguridad (Chilean Alliance of Cybersecurity) or ACC and the award contest highlighted the work done by the femenine professionals who work on protection and security of human resources and technical resources backed up by new technologies.

The initiative, under the name of “Nominación 2019: Mujeres en Ciberseguridad”, had the goal of incentive the work of women in this area, where male action still dominates.

Generally, the dynamic revolved around the management of a more equal society regarding roles and functions, as well as the integration of women to different areas or fields of development that guarantees th well-being of itself.

Who were present in the ceremony?

During the event, which was presided by Yerka Yukich (ACC), also did a tribute to corporations and institutions where the awarded women do their work.

Also, Mario Farren, presidential Advisor in cybersecurity and Carolina Cuevas, General secretary of the Ministry of Women and Equity participated on this event.

Among the awarded women there were professionals in the fields of law, communications, management and business direction; as well as engineers and teachers from different public organisms.

Challenges in the cybersecurity area for Chile

Among the main proposed and established challenges for this year, there are associated investigations on digital security. The final goal is to achieve a society where Artificial Intelligence and interconnectivity satisfactorily predominate in chilean entities, both public and private, but with emphasis on the first one.

Mario Farren, the presidential advisor, showed big enthusiasm during the course of the event and highlighted the areas where years ago they were unusual to find female presence. He also cheer up chilean women and the world to take down this stereotypes and inhibitions that have lacerated its participation and development in this working areas of vital importance for the nations well-being.

Besides, it was established as a priority for the government to highlight the role of chilean women who work in the executive field; as well as recognizing the enormous potential that they possesin many technology-related areas.

Women and cybersecurity in numbers

In 2019, it was estimated that 12% of the women around the world performed cloud computing functions, 15% in big data systems and 26% in Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Said numbers constitute a considerable goal compared to previous years, although the current purpose is to get 50% of women’s participation in these areas, al least in the chilean side.

On the other hand, it was emphasized the role of social networks as promoters and disseminators in the current scenarioand the international boom that the femenine communityfights for gender equality.

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