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Noticias | Empresas aumentan inversión de ciberseguridad en Chile

Cybersecurity Companies in Chile

Companies increase cybersecurity investment in Chile

Computer security is increasing every day in chilean companies due to dangers they are facing from constant cyberattacks that put their infrastructure and computer security at risk.

In 2018, different companies in Chile invested a total of 156 million dollars in cybersecurity, which implies a growth of 10% compared to 2017, when the investment budget was less than 145 million dollars, while in 2016 it stood at 125 million dollars.

A recent study indicated that 45% of the companies in Chile consider it opportune and a priority to invest in security and IT technology.

In 2019 cyberattacks intensified by 20% compared to other years, on the other hand, growth in investment by Chilean companies in cybersecurity also grew by 18%, this due to the increase exponential number of attacks on these companies”, commented José Domingo Abogabir, CEO  Managing Director of Measured Security.

The deficit of professionals in the area of ​​computer security reaches up to 90% and many of these companies find it difficult to hire specialists in cybersecurity. Only between 6 and 8% of people are prepared to work in this area.

Another of the biggest challenges Chile faces in terms of cybersecurity issues is that there are not enough educational institutions that offer this career as an attraction to meet the requirements of many companies in this area. Currently, work is being done in educational institutions to create new curricula on computer security, on the other hand, educational spaces are being created where courses and diplomas are offered to guarantee constant learning in professionals.

If your company needs to invest in cybersecurity, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write to us through Whatsapp by clicking on the following image:

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¿Pueden los niños tener teléfonos celulares a temprana edad?

Can children have cell phones at an early age?


Technology increases every day and access to these devices seems to have no limits for children. Previously, the concern of many parents was to see their children on television for a long time and they sent them to sleep early, now, everything changes with the use of cell phones today.

It seems that many parents nowadays choose to give their children a phone as a birthday surprise or compensation for having good grades in school, but… Can this be good or bad? Are mobile phones suitable for children?

A report revealed that 85% of children in Chile, specifically in the Santiago metropolitan region, have access to these devices and use YouTube as the main app to watch videos, in addition to using it as a tool to perform school tasks. The Ministry of Telecommunications and the Ministry of Transport indicated in the document that children between the ages of 10 and 13 were the ones who most used these phones.

The study also revealed that children used the phone for the following activities:

  • Play 49 %
  • Watch videos 47 %
  • Watch movies or series 40 %
  • Social Network 33 %
  • Listening to music 32 %

On the other hand, the children who carried out these activities were surveyed and the majority responded that the use of their phones was limited to certain hours and others responded that there were rules in their homes.

What are the implications of giving a phone to a child at an early age?

Several experts on the subject point out that mobiles and tablets can bring complications in children at an early age, some of these are:

  • Cognitive development: prolonged use of these phones can cause learning problems, attention deficit, impulsivity or lack of self-control in children.
  • Childhood obesity: a sedentary lifestyle can cause diabetes or vascular problems in the future.
  • Sleep disturbances: the use of mobile phones throughout the day and even at night can alter the functioning of the brain when falling asleep in children, which could have complications in their academic performance.
  • Too much radiation: radiation in phones is almost nil, but if it is used frequently, it can alter our body with diseases such as cancer, this, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • They are more prone to cyberbullying.

The use of telephones can have negative implications, but it also brings with it new ways of exploring technology and staying up to date with it, everything will depend on the use we give it and that parents choose to use rules with their children when using these devices.

Learn about our plans for cybersecurity at home, protect your children from cyberbullying or any type of exposure that may affect it.

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Ciberseguridad en Chile y Colombia: se firma un nuevo acuerdo de colaboración

Cybersecurity in Latin America: agreement signed between Chile and Colombia

With the aim of promoting the joint work of both nations in matters of cyber defense and cyber intelligence, Colombia and Chile decide to join forces to work with cyber security in said American nations.

The signing of this bilateral agreement has functioned as a closure to a series of cooperation treaties that since 2018, during the administration of President Piñera, the Chilean state had established with other countries such as Spain and Argentina, as well as with the OAS (Organization of American States).

The new challenges in cybersecurity

The objectives of the agreement are aimed at combating cybercrime; but they also support the creation of an efficient infrastructure to reduce crime rates, with emphasis on the most affected regions of both countries; all this through the development of an intelligent citizen protection system.

On the other hand, the agreement seeks to promote the work that both nations carry out together, both in organizations and in international forums dedicated to cyber defense, cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and the reduction of cybercrime in cyberspace.

Likewise, the agreement serves to promote among network users confidence in their security and to increase confidence in the citizen defense mechanisms of both nations.

How the bilateral agreement between Chile and Colombia works

This agreement will allow the detection of critical infrastructures and work based on the reinforcement of security in them. In terms of cybersecurity, this translates into an exchange of information about possible threats on the network. the information is shared jointly in the CSIRTs or National CERTs, in order to establish bilateral cooperation mechanisms between both countries.

In addition, the agreement promotes the participation of both nations in technical training programs in everything concerning cyber defense and international management carried out to combat cybercrime.

In the same way, the protection of cybernetic infrastructures in critical regions is sought and participation in programs, conferences, research, among other related events.

Current projections

The continuous work in pertinent matter in each nation has been showing its results in practice. Both countries have a much more secure defense mechanism that is perfected every day with the integration of cutting-edge technology; which is intended for cybersecurity and the protection of all citizens whether on the web or in urban space.

Emphasis is placed mainly on areas with a high crime rate; and among the main current purposes, on the one hand, to continue working on improving the security mechanisms already established, and on the other, to deepen the integration of new strategies and to produce new updated statistics.

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