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Work safely and free from cyber-attack threats with our executive service

Aiming to protect mobile workers, their devices, usb connections and places of connection like free hotspots. Protect smartphones, laptops and tablets from malware reception, rasonmware, phishing, data hijacking or identity fraud.

Measured Security Servicio Ejecutivo | Conexiones Seguras para tus Dispositivos
Measured Security Servicio Ejecutivo | Servicio 24x7


24X7 managed support, with monthly reports on demand to suspicious events and forensic analysis.

Real-time protection

Real-time protection in support with global intelligence in +200 million security controls.

Measured Security Servicio Ejecutivo | Identificación de Archivos por reputación

File identification by reputation

Constant analysis against changes in file codes, documents and metadata, to identify suspicious behavior patterns.

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Executive Service
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Executive Service
Excutive Service. Aiming to protect mobile workers, their devices, USB connections and connection places like free hotspots.
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