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Noticias | Empresas aumentan inversión de ciberseguridad en Chile

Cybersecurity Companies in Chile

Companies increase cybersecurity investment in Chile

Computer security is increasing every day in chilean companies due to dangers they are facing from constant cyberattacks that put their infrastructure and computer security at risk.

In 2018, different companies in Chile invested a total of 156 million dollars in cybersecurity, which implies a growth of 10% compared to 2017, when the investment budget was less than 145 million dollars, while in 2016 it stood at 125 million dollars.

A recent study indicated that 45% of the companies in Chile consider it opportune and a priority to invest in security and IT technology.

In 2019 cyberattacks intensified by 20% compared to other years, on the other hand, growth in investment by Chilean companies in cybersecurity also grew by 18%, this due to the increase exponential number of attacks on these companies”, commented José Domingo Abogabir, CEO  Managing Director of Measured Security.

The deficit of professionals in the area of ​​computer security reaches up to 90% and many of these companies find it difficult to hire specialists in cybersecurity. Only between 6 and 8% of people are prepared to work in this area.

Another of the biggest challenges Chile faces in terms of cybersecurity issues is that there are not enough educational institutions that offer this career as an attraction to meet the requirements of many companies in this area. Currently, work is being done in educational institutions to create new curricula on computer security, on the other hand, educational spaces are being created where courses and diplomas are offered to guarantee constant learning in professionals.

If your company needs to invest in cybersecurity, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write to us through Whatsapp by clicking on the following image:

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Noticias | ¿Qué riesgos corro si no tengo un sistema de seguridad informática?

What risks do I run if I don't have a computer security system in my company?


Every company must have at least one computer security system in its facilities, because if it does not, it would be at risk of being a victim of theft or hijacking of information, a story that no company or business would like to live.

In the last 5 years, technology has advanced to the point that many companies are already adopting new technologies in their facilities and that are closely linked to the Internet, but we already know that the Internet is dangerous if you do not have at least one security system that protects company files and data.

We do not know when, how and where hackers will attack, but we can be prepared to prevent and counter these attacks that can put our business at risk.

What would be the consequences if I don’t have this security system?

There are many factors that can harm the stability of your company if you do not have this system, among them are:

  • Work on a pc that does not have an antivirus
  • Do not make backup copies of your personal files.
  • Open suspicious emails that contain harmful viruses.
  • Insert infected USB sticks in your computer.
  • Download malicious files.
  • Browse unsafe web pages.

One of the many questions that large, medium and even small companies always ask themselves is … will IT security be necessary? Should I be prepared as a company having a security system that protects my files?

The first question is easy to answer, since technology advances more every day and our lives, personal files and data are increasingly linked to the internet, therefore, having a computer security system is necessary and a priority, even if you are a company, public institution, school, hospital or home, you must protect your data against any cyber attack.

The second question has a lot to do with the first, if you are prepared you would prevent third parties from having access to your personal data, if you do not have this system, hackers will do their thing and steal both personal data, such as bank accounts, credit accounts , access to your emails and much more.

If you still do not have a computer security agency that protects your data, we can be the first to advise you for FREE and offer the best service, write to WhatsApp by clicking on the image.

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Noticias | ¿Cuáles son las contraseñas que más se hackean en internet?

How to create a password difficult to hack?


Many Internet users apply these bad practices when using passwords that are easy for cybercriminals to hack, a reality that has become common these days.

Several computer security professionals are concerned about these malware that attack different devices that use the internet and that serve as a means to send and receive data, which makes your smartphone, tablet or other device prone to being hacked.

What happens if I don’t change my password?

If your debit card password is 123456, go ahead and change it inmediately.

A recent study indicates that this type of passwords is held by around 22 million people in the world, either to be used in bank accounts or for other purposes.

Always avoid using these types of passwords, as well as proper names, sports teams, superheroes, artist names.

These are the 10 most used passwords worldwide:

  • 123456123456789
  • qwerty
  • password
  • 111111
  • 12345678
  • abc123
  • 1234567
  • password1
  • 12345

How to create a password difficult to hack?

To avoid future problems with your accounts due to possible hacks, we recommend that you rather use a combination of numbers, uppercase, lowercase and special characters, in this way, your passwords will be indecipherable.

If you want to contact our computer security service for both your home and your company, write us FREE to Whatsapp and check our prices.

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Noticias | ¿Podemos descargar aplicaciones seguras de Google Play?

How safe is the Google Play store?


Google’s most important store for Android phones, Google Play, is one of the virtual stores that has the most interaction and downloads compared to other application download stores, reaching its maximum of 315 million downloads per day.

The company has always shown in recent years the figures of downloads, payment methods, and of course, improvements to the service of the Google Play store to always keep it safe, although … apparently in recent years Google Play has made an effort more in the security of your store, but … Why?

According to the latest data, users have downloaded thousands of malicious apps that have compromised their data, this includes: text messages, credentials, photos, videos, personal files and emails. An example of this problem that has Google Play developers in check was that they found the Adware “SimBad” in more than 200 applications in the store, this, combined with more than 150 million downloads that were made through of these applications.

This combination of problems brought with it malicious apps of all kinds, ranging from malware that has the ability to steal all information on the device, to malware capable of controlling the device through ads or overlapping windows as a form of phishing attack. The most worrying thing about these malware is that most completely evade antivirus detection, including code obfuscation.

What can I do if my phone gets infected with one of these malicious applications?

To address this situation, we must take preventive measures when downloading an application on our phone, such as having an antivirus system installed on our smartphone that detects these malicious malware in time.

If you do not have an antivirus to protect you and you suspect that you have this type of application on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Go to the application manager option on your phone and uninstall the application that is infected.
  • Check your credit card account movements to see if this malware used your bank details for other purposes.
  • Install an antivirus on your phone that can prevent these future infections.

If you do not have knowledge of cybersecurity issues on your smartphone, write to WhatsApp any of our cybersecurity services for FREE. Click on the image for more information!

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Noticias | El FORO ECONÓMICO MUNDIAL asegura que este 2020 los ataques cibernéticos se intensificarán

The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ensures that in 2020 cyber attacks will intensify

Globally, cyberattacks have increased by almost 76% and it is expected that by 2020 they will intensify even more, this, according to a report from The Global Risks Report 2020 released by the World Economic Forum.

This has not been the first wake-up call made by this prestigious institution, there are already several IT Security Agencies worldwide that are concerned about the risk that an increase in these attacks against companies and individuals implies. According to this study, it would have a negative impact in a period of no more than 10 years.

The investigations about this report had the participation of more than 750 experts on this subject, and for them, cyberattacks against large, medium and small companies will increase by 76%; on the other hand, 75% indicated that this increase is intended to search for data and money.

Consequently, these cybercriminals will take advantage by stealing information from other companies and people, and the industrial sectors that will be most affected would be: the health sector, the energy sector, the transport sector and of course, the technology sector.

What technologies will be affected by cyberattacks?

  • Artificial intelligence: This technology is increasingly used by companies around the world, having its immense participation in the telephone attention systems and also in the complex production systems of many companies. Artificial intelligence is likely to be affected in the future if precautions are not taken in time.
    • 5G technology in phones: Several companies around the globe are already working to bring this technology to their users, as well as Huawei of China and the Swedish company Ericsson. This technology had already been launched in test mode in 2019, but it is expected that by 2020 it will spread throughout the world. Being one of the most promising networks for this 2020, the 5G network does not escape on issues related to cybersecurity, since different studies indicate that this network will increase cyber attacks due to its high speed. If previously the 4G network could send 100,000 spam emails in just seconds, then the 5G network will send around 10 million in a few seconds.


  • Cloud Computing: Although it is not a system that can be as damaged as other technologies, this method can also be prone to cyberattacks, since every day more companies accumulate information in these spaces.


  • The internet: Being one of the main pollutants in terms of malicious malware, the internet does not escape these cyberattacks.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp: There are different companies that have access to our personal data, and it is there where the most expert cybercriminals attack these large companies to steal personal data, such as what happened in Yahoo in 2013, when the company was the victim of a cyber attack that affected more than 1000 user accounts.
  • Mobile applications: We must be careful what type of mobile applications we download on our phones, since the specialized company ESET recently revealed that a computer virus designed to display ads on the screen of phones, infected millions of cell phones through the operating system Android. According to the study, this virus has the ability to display malicious ads on phones in a pop-up manner during the process of installing an app.

This 2020 is loaded with a lot of uncertainty in issues related to cybersecurity, but don’t worry, you shouldn’t be alarmed, large companies work every day to mitigate these cyberattacks and strengthen technological infrastructures to make them less prone to these attacks.

If your company is unprotected, write us FREE to WhatsApp by clicking on the image and our panel of experts will answer all your questions.

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Tipos de Seguridad Informática

Currently, there are risks and vulnerabilities in computer systems worldwide, especially in systems made up of internet connections, computers, smartphones, tablets and many devices that are linked to the digital world and remote connections.

For this reason, small, medium and large companies always seek to solve this type of situation that every day exposes their security on the Internet.

It is important that every company knows well what are the types of computer security that currently exist, for that, we will describe 3 types of security that every company should know:

Software Security

This type of security is focused on protecting apps and software from cyberattacks that can affect the performance of your computer. These attacks can be related to malicious viruses that invade your PC by stealing, damaging or hijacking your information, files and personal data.

The safest mechanism to protect all your files would be to have an antivirus installed on your computer, so that it works daily to detect other computer viruses; On the other hand, you could also work it manually so that you can investigate yourself if there are malicious viruses.

Antivirus programs are not the only ones that can do this job, there are also other platforms, such as firewalls, antispam filters, programs to filter content or block unwanted advertisements.

Network Security

This type of security is one of the most mentioned by experts, since they consider it one of the ways in which, if there is no protection, any unwanted person may have access to your personal data, bank accounts, network access social and much more.

To have a more secure protection, it is important to take into account antivirus, antispyware, private networks to guarantee more security to the Internet and an instruction prevention system (IPS).

It is important to remember that this type of security is constantly fighting through the internet to avoid any theft of personal information, so it is advisable to keep it updated so that no type of cyberattack can overcome the defensive barriers of this type of security.

Hardware Security

It is a very little explored type of security, since many people and companies consider that protection only occurs in the two types of security mentioned above.

The objective is to safeguard and protect computers, devices, smartphone, tablet, in order to avoid external threats that could destabilize their operation. For this, protection mechanisms that we have already mentioned above are used, such as: firewalls, proxy servers or cryptographic keys for encryption and decryption.

It is very important to know that if we combine these three types of security, we will obtain better results and avoid cyberattacks that could compromise the security and protection of our personal files.

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Noticias | Amenazas más comunes en los Sistemas Informáticos

Most Common Threats in Computer Systems

Nowadays, cyberattacks are gaining momentum in this technological society that is increasingly interested in technology. Although there are countless threats, in this article we will analyze 3 of the most common that exist in Computer Security.

Cyberterrorism: This is one of the cyberattacks that has the greatest relevance in computer systems and in society. It consists of gathering information to the maximum, with the purpose of creating an environment of general terror and fear among the surrounding population. This attack can be directed at any type of institution, be it: government, people, hospitals, schools, etc.

Most experts believe that this attack is achieved for economic, political or religious purposes.

Cybercrime: This type of cyberattack goes beyond generating any fear in society, it usually occurs in many developed and underdeveloped countries with internet access. Through this attack, the so-called “hackers“, manage to interfere in the networks and computer connections in order to obtain economic gains. On the other hand, these hackers can also intercept technological devices, with the purpose of taking control and access to bank accounts, social networks, web pages and asking for large sums of money in exchange that the institution or the person cannot cover.

Cyberwar: The purpose of this attack, unlike Cyberterrorism, is that it is more linked to politics. How can it be generated? The criminals who handle these types of cyberattacks are those who seek to expose a reputable government or institution.

His idealism consists in collecting as much information as possible and then being exposed to the public, which could compromise any politician, official, public or private institution or the government itself.

An example of this is the case of Edward Snowden, a former computer scientist who worked for the CIA and who exposed classified, top-secret documents to the world that included massive surveillance programs at international level.

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What are computer viruses?

They are known as computer viruses, those malicious programs that have the objective of infecting computers, laptops or any type of system with internet access, in order to generate a certain action that can interrupt, damage, erase or hijack personal information.

These viruses also have the ability to make copies of themselves, like biological viruses that exist in nature, managing to spread on other PCs, through pen drives, CDS, DVDS, phones, fraudulent websites or emails.

How are computer viruses created?

The first computer virus was created in the late 60’s; There are other references to the early 1980s, when a 15-year-old boy decided to self-copy his classmates’ discs onto his Apple II computer without their consent.

Currently, there are many computer programmers who create these programs through codes that can be downloaded mostly on the web. These small computer codes have the ability to infect other programs, thus creating a copy and infecting the program or the operating system itself, leaving it completely unusable.

Currently, there are different types of computer viruses that we will describe below:

Boot viruses: These viruses are the most known, they completely infect your computer, managing to execute when the operating system starts when you turn on your PC.

Time Bomb Virus: It is a type of virus where the programmer determines when to activate it. Once the computer is infected, this computer virus is activated to damage the PC.

Worm-like computer viruses (Worm): the purpose of these viruses is to spread rapidly throughout the PC’s operating system, even managing to intercept in emails and the Internet.

These computer viruses are known to make copies of themselves, managing to erase or damage computer files.

Trojan viruses: a virus that manages to bring a code inside it to access the computer and hijack information, send it to another person without them knowing what is happening. Currently, these computer viruses manage to copy, erase or alter the data of the computer’s operating system.

Hijackers viruses: these viruses are known on the Internet for altering the browser’s home page, preventing the user from modifying it, displaying misleading advertising or opening new windows uncontrollably. They also have the power to install plugins in the browser and corrupt other web pages so that you cannot access them.

Virus Keylogger: Keyloggers are known worldwide for being responsible for stealing other people’s bank passwords, stealing passwords to emails and social networks. Once the PC is infected, these viruses monitor your computer, remaining completely hidden in the operating system. These viruses are developed by cybercriminals who commit these illegal acts.

The number of computer viruses that exist today are many and increasing, managing to overcome defensive barriers that counteract these attacks, luckily, there are many methods that help reduce these cyber attacks avoiding the theft of personal information.

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Should your company have a monitoring system for its computer security?

Many companies today face problems related to cyberattacks that directly affect the infrastructure of computers, networks and Internet connections. Constant monitoring helps to avoid this type of attack and allows to maintain and ensure the continuity of the company, protecting your company with a safe and reliable system.

At Measured Security we offer you this type of security, where your company will no longer be exposed to these types of vulnerabilities or cyberattacks that could expose your personal information, providing security and protection to your files and personal data.

It is important that every company maintains a constant monitoring system, as well as a computer maintenance system to avoid possible attacks and infections between the same infrastructure of the equipment, for this, backup copies, backup or CDP maintenance are carried out.

How do we avoid these types of attacks?

Step 1

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Safety Baseline Diagnosis

Step 2

  • Definition of Scopes and service Levels
  • Incident Response Procedures

Step 3

  • Implementation of Monitoring and administration infrastructure

Step 4

  • Definition and Implementation of technological and Executive dashboards

What protection do we give your company?

Our objective goes much further and is that at Measured Security we focus on providing protection that extends to all computer areas of the company, offering:

  • Content protection
  • Protection in Social Networks
  • E-mail Protection
  • PC Equipment Protection
  • Smartphone Protection
  • Protection Against information Leakage/ Hijacking
  • Web Content Protection
  • PC Equipment Protection – Peripherals
  • Protection of Operational Enviroment

With this monitoring system, your company will be able to anticipate failures and incidents that may occur in its IT infrastructure, being able to detect these changes in time and thus avoid any leakage of confidential information.

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La Ciberseguridad debe ser prioridad en una Empresas

Antivirus for Business

by cortesia

The best Antivirus for companies


Since Computer Viruses exist, companies have found it difficult to lead a calmer technological life, since they are prone to suffer any threat that damages their Computer Security. This problem is becoming more common in the world market every day, which has led many small, medium and large companies to look for Information Security Agencies to back up their personal data and protect it against any threat.

The solution to this problem is to use powerful antivirus programs and firewalls that allow you to protect your information at all costs against these attacks, if you do not have either of these two, then your data is at the mercy of cybercriminals who will not wait to attack and steal your files personal.

In the market there are many options of antivirus for companies, some of these antivirus are beneficial for small companies with a low budget that cannot choose to obtain all the benefits that these programs provide, but that can offer you the early detection of cyberattacks that cybercriminals run day by day against these small businesses.

Based on this information, in this article we will tell you which are the best antivirus for companies that currently exist.

  • Bitdefender Total Security

It is an easy-to-use software and is one of the most used worldwide and has the greatest reputation in terms of computer protection, since it can detect up to 99% of any threat that could harm your computer.

Its technology is based on detecting and identifying in real-time any behavior or potential threat, blocking them permanently, it also allows you to configure it to protect against intruders, block websites, among others.


  • Avast

An antivirus program that we all know and that we once installed on our computers. This computer security software is focused on protecting the computer against viruses that remain persistent on the PC, while the user is not aware of its operation. This program will always ensure you are one step ahead of you, so that you do not suffer any future consequences from these cyberattacks.

  • Kaspersky Total Security

This antivirus program is well known worldwide for always obtaining the best results in terms of computer security, in addition, this software is designed to protect any device of small and medium-sized companies, where entrepreneurs can easily manage its operation.

Among its functions there is, generate protection against keyloggers, data encryption, it also includes a password manager that will allow you to give more security to your computer systems.

Each of these programs offers you different variables to study with objectives and functions totally different from each other, you must know how to choose which is the one that best suits your company.

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