¡WARNING! If you receive an e-mail with information about coronavirus ¡DO NOT OPEN IT!


Phising attacks become each day more effective and undermine business effort to counter these attacks.

Again, the Cybersecurity company Kapersky, referred to this new attack that is putting in check many companies and people around the world, since these cybercriminals use this malicious software to steal personal data and user’s money.

This e-mail is sent to the user with the initials “CDC” that stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA. The report reveals that these attacks are runned using the domain “cdc-gov.org” that is very similar to the real one; “cdc.gov

The message comes along with a hyperlink that redirects to a similiar Microsoft Outlook web page, so that deceived users can share their passwords and personal data.

¡Take precautions about these malicious e-mails and do not open them!