Born in Temuco, but porvenirian at heart, Miguel Eduardo Millar Vargas makes the region proud with his impeccable work as a Telecommunication, connectivity and computer networks Technician. The cybersecurity Specialist was elected by security portals as the best influencer in said matter in the whole country and of course, all of his colleagues know why he was elected.

Since 2013, Millar works for the company Punta Arenas, where he performs as a Network Operation Center (NOC). There, he collaborates with multiple entities, both inside and outside the region.

While doing his job, the expert detected several weak points on Information security that the company handle and implemented a Project with the purpose of helping the region on this matter.

The iniciative became effective in 2015 and dropped very satisfying results. Also, Millar created a conference about Cybersecurity which was the first solidary conference type and allowed the distribution of foods and supplies for families in need.

Millar’s Cybersecurity Conferences

In this conference there are self-taught, proffesors, students, privates, operation Chiefs, lawyers, all kind of people from the computing area and information security offcials from many public and private companies.

The iniciative carried out by the activist has succesfully expanded and made posible a new chapter, this time in Patagonia Hacking, in which is listed in the cybersecurity events calendar in the goverment in Chile. A role model for all the chileans of this area.